CHICAGO, IL (November 15th, 2018) – Named after Cliff and Joanne Arthurs, the Clifton B. Arthurs Foundation (the “Arthurs Foundation”) is a newly formed, not-for-profit organization headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The organization’s mission is to improve Belizean society and education by providing disadvantaged Belizean youths with educational opportunities and, as result, creating  a positive means  to improve an individual or child’s chances of obtaining a more rewarding  job in order to serve as a deterrent to a life of illegal activities. The organization will also work with local academic institutions to identify, provide the necessary resources, and raise monies to fund educational, sports and other projects.


In the year 2000, Cliff and Joanne Arthurs invested their savings in a young Belizean man and woman who without the Arthurs’ contribution, would never have been able to receive a secondary  education and go on to college. The Arthurs then invested in the education of other disadvantaged children close to the couple.


The Foundation was established to commemorate the life of an outstanding Belizean, Cliff Arthurs, who passed away from complications as a result of a fall outside the Arthurs’ Caribbean home in San Pedro on the island of Ambergris Caye, Belize.  Cliff was a sterling role model for Belizeans of all ages, inspiring many through example and his love for Belize, selflessness, Christian values, and commitment to friends and family. Cliff was a caring and compassionate person who so often put others before himself.


“Cliff would be so proud to see his love of Belize and the educational advancement of Belizean youths continue in his name,” says Arthurs Foundation Chairman, Joanne Arthurs. “Belize loved Cliff, and the Arthurs Foundation is a way to pay it forward by giving back where it is most needed.”


As a memorial to his life and to continue Cliff and Joanne Arthurs’ legacy of supporting and advancing young Belizean men and women through education, a Steering Committee consisting of their family and friends decided that it was only fitting to commemorate Cliff’s life by establishing this Foundation. The Foundation will raise funds to assist deserving Belizean youths with accomplishing their educational goals. The Foundation hopes to realize this objective through corporate and individual sponsorship, donations, pledges; annual fundraising events; and by acting as a conduit to manage scholarships provided by individuals and corporations.


“We are thrilled to work with Belizean education authorities for the advancement of young Belizean men and women. San Pedro is a special place loved greatly by our family,” says Arthurs Foundation President, Daniel O’Leary. “We strongly feel that we have a responsibility to promote Cliff’s values and selflessness to his country and its people.”


The Arthurs Foundation will dedicate its work to San Pedro and the Island  of Ambergris Caye and collaborate with local educational authorities to include the Ministry of Education; San Pedro High School; primary schools like San Pedro Roman Catholic, the Island Academy, and other non-profit education minded organizations like the Caye Education Foundation.


“We at the Caye Education Foundation are extremely pleased to be partnering with the Arthurs Foundation to further the quality of living / enrich the educational existence of the young adults in San Pedro on the island of Ambergris Caye, Belize,” says Founder, Clive Brewster. “Our motto is, “One candle can light a thousand more and never, itself, be affected.” (Author unknown).”


The Caye Education Foundation is also a newly formed Non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of the youths of San Pedro, Belize by supporting / providing for a quality high school education. 


“Our goal is to raise the necessary funds, of which every penny goes towards the high school education of the young adults that have been admitted into the CEF / Arthurs Foundation program. We at these two Foundations believe that, by supporting the young adults with a better education, we are taking a giant step towards breaking the cycle of poverty that seems to have engulfed the youths of San Pedro, Belize,” says Brewster.


In addition to Joanne Arthurs and Daniel O’Leary, the organization will also be led by family members James Boedecker (Vice President) and Mary O’Leary (Treasurer). Scholarship and Project Committees will be made up of family and friends. Other leadership positions will be filled in the near future.


For general information and how to donate, please visit www.arthursfoundation.comor email  / call (312) 448-4693.